Friday, November 10, 2006

Swedish in Lapland (Laponie) - Winter Session in Jokkmokk

Once a year, the Eurolingua Uppsala International Summer Session organizes courses in the Swedish language and culture in the north of Sweden. The winter session takes place in Jokkmokk, Lapland.

February 11–24, 2007

This will be an unforgettable experience. The course is a combination of an intensive course in the Swedish language and experiences of Swedish winter through sleigh rides with Huskies or reindeers, cross-country skiing; snow walks and hikes, excursions in the area. Local speakers are invited to talk about the Sámi, their customs and traditions, way of life and other interesting subjects.

Furthermore we will offer: Swedish films, study visits and social activities. On the last Friday of the course there will be a three-course farewell dinner with entertainment, to conclude our splendid weeks in Jokkmokk.

What to bring:
Most important are high, warm shoes or boots, woolen socks, warm gloves, a hat and a warm jacket. In northern Sweden it can be become very cold between -5 to -35°C and in that case it is good to be clothed in several layers. For example, a t-shirt, with a fleece, and a jacket. Warm underclothes, either pyjamas or thermal underwear, when one goes outside.

A dictionary and a grammar book might come in handy as well.

Swedish language classes
Swedish is taught at different levels (see below) 25–28 hours per week, Monday through Friday. The maximum class size is 13. Swedish in Lapland


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