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Eurolingua Swedish Summer School in Uppsala Sweden

Summer Session: Why Uppsala? - Ten Good Reasons to study at UISS

Welcome to the Uppsala International Summer Session 2007, UISS, now in its 45th year. The Eurolingua website will give you all the information you need to prepare for your studies with the UISS in Uppsala, Sweden. It contains information about classes, arrival and payments, as well as more practical information.

UISS is Sweden's oldest academic summer program. Backed by 44 years of experience, we offer a well-developed curriculum. Nowhere in Sweden will you find such an intensive summer program with such a rich choice of courses.

UISS is the largest summer program teaching the Swedish language. Having so many students means that we can offer more classes, and differentiate between levels much more than any other program. Despite our large size, we keep the size of each class small, with an average class size of thirteen students.

Our teachers are all specially trained to teach Swedish as a foreign language. Many of our staff have been lecturers of Swedish at universities abroad and many are lecturers at a Swedish university.

We believe that when teaching a language, it is also important to teach about the culture, history and society. Our afternoon classes and evening lectures provide insight to these important aspects of Sweden.

Our regular excursions and activities allow our students to visit sites around Sweden and to experience Swedish culture, history, and society first hand. Every Friday there are day-long field trips to interesting places, and there are four longer weekend trips. Additionally, evening activities include Swedish cooking, sports, films, entertainment, lectures and intercultural gatherings.

We offer more than general language courses. We do have special Swedish language classes for utlandssvenska ungdomar (Swedish youth living abroad). We are able to offer tailor made courses to fit the particular needs of different special interest groups.

We have an enthusiastic and dynamic staff. We take a personal interest in every student. We like to get to know our students and strive to be very helpful.

Location: Uppsala is Sweden's oldest university town and a wonderful city. The student atmosphere and facilities contribute to the quality of the program. Uppsala is only 45 minutes away from Stockholm, and 25 minutes from Arlanda Airport. And it's very close to Lake Mälaren which is wonderful for swimming, canoeing etc.

The UISS has a wide variety of participants. Although many of our students will, in the fall, resume their university studies, a large part of our student body is comprised of working professionals such as interpreters, translators, teachers and business people. This mix of academic and professional backgrounds adds to the atmosphere in a very positive way.

UISS is a flexible program, offering a wide variety of lengths of courses. This flexibility to adapt to your schedule is unmatched by other programs. You can study with us from the middle of June until the middle of August for 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Swedish Summer School in Uppsala



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