Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here are the special links for courses in all 11 languages in over 40 countries:

Learn Dutch:
Learn English:
Learn French:
Learn German:
Learn Italian:
Learn Portuguese:
Learn Japanese:
Learn Russian:
Learn Spanish:
Learn Swedish:
Learn Ukrainian:

We are now able to offer students a one year Foundation Programme in
Business and Management, validated by Oxford Brookes University. This leads
to entry to the first year of various undergraduate programmes offered by
the Business School of Oxford Brookes, which was ranked as Britain's leading
modern university.

EUROLINGUA INSTITUTE: Study Abroad Homestay Language Tuition.
The easiest and most effective way to learn any language in the shortest time. Live in your teacher’s own home. 11 languages in over 40 countries. Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian. Special programmes for school groups.

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At 12 April, 2010 14:59, Blogger jamesd said...

Online Masters Degree

I'm not sure where many of the theoreticians were while developing their online learning theories. In their world adults are always motivated learners. I'm not unusual but I can easily point to training sessions where learners did not come motivated. In fact, changing learner attitudes was what the first part of the training attempt………….

special courses

At 21 April, 2010 06:45, Blogger joancasilo said...

I have gone through this blog. I found it very interesting and helpful. Nowadays I am completing my studies from home only.
And this blog really doing great for me. This blog also offers me more ideas and advices concerned to my career.

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At 06 June, 2010 05:37, Blogger Bernie said...

I have applied to be a home stay tutor for your students who would like to come to Southern Oregon, near Ashland, a world famous destiation. I keep trying to reconnect through the Eurolingua website, but to no avail. I submitted all the application amterials and had good interactions till the end, then silence. What happened? Need I ammend something? Were the files lost? I have copies.
Please advise me,
Bernadete Weigand

At 25 August, 2010 11:33, Blogger srmsoft said...

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At 01 March, 2011 19:36, Blogger larry said...

Courses at home are a good way to go, we offer information on many language schools abroad:
Study Spanish in Spain or Cursos de Idiomas


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