Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eurolingua Institute - Study Abroad

I was with the Alexander Proudfoot Company, international management consultants, from 1973-1977, in Belgium, France and the UK and launched the Institute of Management Resources (IMR) in Europe in 1985. In 1993, I founded the Eurolingua Institute which now teaches 11 languages in over 40 countries. I am the International Director and would like to hear from language school owners and study abroad agents wishing to partner with the Eurolingua Institute. You can also refer to my professional profile on LinkedIn
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At 06 January, 2010 03:49, Blogger twin said...

Interesting and usefull post, thanks

At 28 February, 2010 01:19, Blogger mike said...

The popular comment layout is common, so it is easily recognized when scanning to post a comment. If the comment section is in a different format, then I am going to spend more time trying to decipher what everything means.

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