Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Learning French…..(secret revealed) ?

Whatever your reasons for visiting or relocating to France, you will be more effective and enjoy it more if you are able to communicate in French. Visiting friends, house-hunting, renovating, starting a business, holidays – there’s no escape, the French speak French!! So why not join them and make a huge impression on everyone you meet by expressing your thoughts, ideas and needs ‘en français’? The huge benefit is that you get done the things you want to get done in France, in half the time, with less frustration and off your own bat. It’s easier than you think – here’s the revelation!!

Most people are understandably daunted when faced with the prospect of ploughing through the stack of grammar books they just bought in the High Street, perhaps painfully remembering episodes from their school days. Surprisingly, many people still take this approach – and soon give up. Alas, they don’t yet know the secret. Yes, there is a secret and it’s called français langue étrangère. What’s that, I hear you say. Well, it’s a technique for learning French the fun, easy and natural way, interacting directly with a trained and experienced specialist native FLE (français langue étrangère) teacher. You learn to automatically think and respond spontaneously in French and, what’s more, with a natural French accent. The hardest way to learn any foreign language is through a language of interference – usually it’s your own native language which gets in the way. This little français langue étrangère secret will make all the difference for you. So, how does it work?

Well, why not take the rapid results programme at the specialist Eurolingua Institute in Montpellier where FLE lessons are available year round, with local half-board host family accommodation and various social and cultural activities. Alternatively, the Eurolingua Institute has some thirty One-to-One French Homestay locations throughout most of the French regions and also in Martinique, French Caribbean, if you have a yacht!! Each quality homestay is fully residential so that you are totally immersed in a very agreeable ‘bain linguistique’.

The unique Eurolingua One-to-One French Homestay Programme will ensure that you make maximum progress in the shortest possible time, whatever your starting level, beginner to advanced. You live full-board in the home of your fully-qualified Eurolingua French language tutor, receiving 3, 4 or 5 hours per day (15, 20 or 25 hours per week) of individual français langue étrangère, specifically adapted to your own level, learning pace and interests, whether for business or pleasure!! The rest of the time you benefit from lots of conversational practice by participating in the usual everyday family activities of your personal tutor and family and by meeting people in the local community. You may, of course, have as much independent time as you wish. You acquire an authentic accent, total confidence and real fluency in the language. One-to-One French Homestay



At 22 February, 2008 11:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who recently moved to England has been attempting to learn English and she is finding it quite difficult, she already speaks 2 languages (French and Spanish) and claims English is the hardest to learn. With all our silent letters and words with multiple meanings English is tough to understand. Inspired by my friend I decided to learn French as second language to help better myself!


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