Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eurolingua Press Release

Eurolingua Press Release

SUPERLINK and MEGALINK technology can help create major internet exposure on the eurolingua.com portal for language schools, tutors and other study abroad related businesses.

Founded back in 1993 by an international management consultant and linguist, J Barry Haywood ACIL, the Eurolingua Institute has become a major language training organisation, teaching in over 40 countries worldwide.

Since February 1997, the www.eurolingua.com portal has been a meeting point for international students, language schools and related services. Whether you are a student looking for the best language course and study abroad experience or a service provider looking for students and clients, you will make the most effective connections on the eurolingua.com portal and its partner marketing channels, including the “Eurolingua Institute Study Abroad Forum”, the “International Language School Directory” and over 21+ million connections on LinkedIn!!

In particular, the SUPERLINK and MEGALINK technology is ideal for language schools, online Skype tutors, translation agencies, TEFL/TESOL agencies, internship and work experience providers, cooking schools, and publishers of related study abroad teaching materials, language study magazines and travel guides.

It is very easy to create and publish your SUPERLINK or MEGALINK on the eurolingua.com portal and you do not need to install any software.



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